Artist bio

Born in Zaragoza (Spain) in 1992, Macarena Pinilla is an artist that works with the idea of reconciliation with the natural environment.

The importance given to this reconnection comes from her time spent in the woods of British Columbia and in the mountains of the spanish Pyrenees.

Her affinity towards art started at a very young age. Always inclined into painting, her self-taught line of work has developed into an abstract representation of her surroundings.


My work is a representation of the essence of nature intertwined with our human essence.Through landscapes, 

elements as water or air, organic shapes and human silhouettes I intend to bring the observer closer to the natural environment. 

This creates an awareness of the magnitude of our planet, the resources that we are provided with, life energy itself and the idea of belonging 

through an abstract representation.

I work with abstraction as a way of getting rid of the limitations found in forms. Everything is captured in a vase, but I care about the inside, the essence.

This is why I try to break everything into smaller pieces, blurry spots of colour, unlimited areas, where shapes disappear letting our reality reveal its true nature.

My believe is that this nature is in fact what unites every living being in this universe. Based on my experience with meditation and developing a higher awareness about what we are and what we are surrounded by, has made me feel intrigued by this idea of union without matter. When matter isn’t there, then something else remains and although it may be inexplicable or invisible to the eye we still can feel it. Just by being alive.